Ultrasound pet scanning

Ultrasound sound scanning is a non invasive procedure that does not harm your pet in anyway. No need to shave your pet either. The procedure can be Carried out in your home or in house here at pet https://www.pet-ultrasound.co.uk/ We use up to date state of the art technology with our VIS mobile scan pad.


This can be done while your dog is stress free and relaxed standing up or laying down depending on how your pet feels most at ease. There is no sedation or anaesthetics used. Our equipment is fully disinfected and sterile on each use.


The science bit

The probe (scanner) projects invisible sound waves at the body of the tissue which measures the speed and direction at which sound waves are interpreted by the machine uses therefore displaying imaging on the screen. There are ceramic crystals within the probe that vibrate causing a pressure of waves for the desired frequency thus transmits through the skin surface using the acoustic couplant the sound waves are then continued through the surrounding tissue until it hits a boundary with another tissue. At the boundary a number of interactions occur the ultra-sound is then reflected back to the probe and demonstrated on the screen showing the tissue of the body.


This does not harm or hurt your pet in anyway. And is totally painless.