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A paste formulation for ease of use, King K9 Prebiotic Paste is suitable for all ages of dogs & puppies. King K9 Prebiotic Paste is formulated to support the digestive tract following digestive upset.
Specific Yeast derivatives help to balance the intestinal microflora and support the natural defences of the dog. It is an ideal supplement for dogs with sensitive digestion and those prone to immune challenges.
The inclusion of three different strains of para-probiotics supplies differing immunomodulating effects on the digestive microflora. A diverse microflora ensures the dog is able to effectively react to a challenge on the digestive system. There is also some evidence to suggest there are benefits of these in the response to stress.
Stress of all types can negatively impact the health and wellbeing of dogs, and may lead to compromised digestion. The addition of prebiotics & para-probiotics is an optimal way to help support stress. The addition of the K9 Prebiotic paste may also help support the immune system, due to the beneficial effect of possible increases in cell activity during the immune response. By combining a number of strains, the potential benefits may be enhanced, offering further benefits to the dog.
Yeast derivatives complement the profile of para probiotics by adhering to specifc bacteria as well as providing immune system support.

K9 Prebiotic paste is ideal for use at weaning, at times of digestive stress and during any other situation where the immune system has been compromised. K9 Prebiotic paste is an ideal product for dogs prone to weight loss following changes in their environment or increased levels of travel & competition.

Directions for use

1ml/5kg bodyweight, as required
For Puppies under 5kg, feed 0.2ml

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