Micro Chipping Service

We provide a professional micro chipping service and are fully trained and qualified by ‘Peddy-mark’.


All our micro-chips conform to IOS standards and ensure all details are added to the national database.


Having your dog micro chipped ensures compliance with the conditions outlined in ‘the compulsory micro-chipping of dogs act 2014 – England. These regulations state from 6th April 2016 all dogs must be microchipped by law once the dog reaches eight weeks of age. Please be aware, failure to comply will result in a fine of up to £500 to the dog owner.


Micro chip technology explained

The micro chip is activated upon contact with a special scanner through radio waves. The chip contains an id number that links to the national database to reveal the identity of the pet and owner contact information.


The micro chip itself is no larger than a grain of rice and is placed under the skin so as not to be visible. The pet will not feel any discomfort from the presence of the chip.

Implanting the microchip

First and most importantly, we ensure your dog is as relaxed as they can be. We will carry out a scan to check no previous chip has been inserted to give you peace of mind. When the pet is ready, we insert a needle between the shoulder blades and release the micro chip under the skin. For most pets this will be painless as there a very few nerves in this area. We will then scan the chip under the skin to check firstly that the micro chip is in the correct place and secondly to ensure the scanner picks up the unique id and links correctly to the database.

Registered keeper

It is important to stay on the right side of the law to ensure your details are kept up to date. This includes change of address and contact information.


Keeping your pet calm for 24 hours after the procedure will reduce the risk of complication such as infection or migration of the chip – although the chances of such problems are slim

Benefits of micro-chipped pets

In the unlikely event of your pet going missing, there is a very good chance of the pet being returned. All a vet / animal rescue centre has to do is run the scanner over your pet and reveal the identity and contact information and re-unite you with your family member – your pet! Good news – the chip lasts the whole life of your pet! Although the microchip is not proof of ownership, when presented as evidence in the case of a lost / recovered dog it helps build a powerful legal case that your are the legally responsible owner. Please be aware, as the dogs registered keeper, you are liable for any damage / injury your pet may cause.