Baer Testing

Baer testing stands for, Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response. This test is to check if the brain is responding to any noise. This is a very reliable way to check if your dog/puppy has a hearing defect or loss of hearing. Deafness in canines is known as congenital deafness and is most common in, Dalmatian’s, Boston Terrier’s, Boarder Collie’s, English Setter’s, Australian Setter’s, White Boxer’s, White Bull Terrier’s and any pie bold dogs. The kennel club require this test in edition of KC puppies’ registration. It is always better to perform this when they are still puppies. It is less stressful for a puppy as they are not as aware as an adult dog. This also makes it easier to perform as they are less fidgety and quite often go to sleep. Yes, this works with a sleeping puppy as it monitors brainwaves.


Deaf dogs or puppies are harder to train so require more hand movement for commands rather than speech. Having this done for any breed is a good idea as knowing your pet is deaf or has limited hearing will help you train and understand them.


We offer mobile Baer testing, but we highly recommend visiting the clinic as this must be done in a quiet environment.

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