About Us

About Us

We are a family run business with a strong link to dog breeding having been dog breeders for over 20 years giving us an extensive knowledge of your requirements during the breeding process. Having had dogs of all breeds for over 30 years from large to small and everything in between.  We are well aware that our pets are a part of the family and their health and well being are of the utmost importance to us. To ensure you provide the best for your pets it is crucial they receive a quality service from a friendly team of professionals who strive to make the process both pleasurable and stress free. Our new and sterile k9 fertility clinic in Morley, Leeds is in a lovely location right beside Dartmouth park which offers a great place to take a stroll with your dog. Due to the increased popularity of cats breeding we also have many customers who have ultrasounds for their cats and most kittens are now microchipped also. We are qualified and have undertaken extensive and continuous training in all the services we provide and will continue to keep up to date with new technologies and procedures that can help with the process in being furry grandparents.

Make fast and reliable diagnoses

It is important to keep a track on a pets pregnancy as an early warning to potential problems, such as pyometria and other infections with the litter and it is also nice to get an estimate as to how many puppies to expect and when they are due. We have always recommended two scans one at day twenty-eight to confirm pregnancy and then at day forty to check the progress, as you can see so much more of the puppies. As we use cutting edge technology we can even detect heart beats  using our colour Doppler.

Expert to help you

Microchipping your dog is essential if you want to keep on the right side of the law and with the shocking rise in dog theft it is worth while doing. We stock a range of Microchips as many of our customers already have accounts all linking to a database that can be accessed by your vets.


We offer a range of services such as:

  • Microchipping for a range of small animals
  • Ultrasound scanning of your pet
  • Progesterone Testing
  • Cytology
  • Semen Collection and Analysis
  • Semen Shipping
  • Whelping Service
  • Stud service available
  • Baercom Testing
  • Artificial Insemination

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